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Allow us first to introduce you to our selection of special offers for Abebooks. The current Abebooks coupon list is now active for 2018. Just check out our discount code section below for the latest offers covering everything from free shipping to percentage of promotions.

At Abe, you can find the exact book you want, even if you’re looking for the rarest of books. Abebooks works by connecting people with established and reputable booksellers. You search their site for the book you want, and the book you want gets shipped right from the book seller.

You don’t need to buy the books either. If you’re looking for textbook rentals, they provide those as well. With their rental program, you can rent the book you need for class and then send it back when you’re done. People who use the rental program can expect to save as much as 85% off the cost of actually buying the book.

Coupon Codes for AbeBooks

The company is great because it’s not just for students. At Abebooks, you can get the hottest new releases or old classics from your childhood. They have books in categories like science, art history, cooking and crafts. They even have children’s books.

Regardless of what you’re looking for, you can find it at with this site. They have the books students need to study and the novels that bookworms need to relax. If you’re into rare book collecting, then they get hook you up with stores that will have that rare book to complete your collection. You can also get books signed by authors and other high value items there.

If you’re seeking anything reading related, then check them out. They have just about anything you could search for, and a few things that you didn’t even think of.

Our Review of AbeBooks.com Textbook Marketplace

Independent booksellers tend to have a pretty narrow-minded view of the internet and what it’s doing to their business- and that view is hardly glowing. Most independent booksellers fixate on websites like Amazon and conclude that the internet has overall killed their chances of keeping their stores afloat, and as such see the internet primarily as a threat to the way they do things and not an opportunity to better serve their clients.

Yet just because they offer a unique take towards online bookselling that doesn’t mean the site offers the sort of radical solution that both independent booksellers and book buyers are looking for. Does AbeBooks live up to its promise, or does the site end up offering little more than a weak alternative to the many larger, more centralized booksellers and book renters out there on the web these days?

How Does AbeBooks Work?

AbeBooks uses a pretty simple set of systems to help you get the books you want.

To start off- they draws a lot of its stock of books from independent booksellers. In fact, the company explains it has direct connections with thousands of independent book sellers which, combined with the company’s own stock, explains how they can sell such a diverse range of products (including rare and out-of-print volumes).

Once you browse over to the site the first thing you’ll do is search for the book you’re looking for. You can search the site by Title, Author, Keyword or ISBN. If you need to search for a highly specific tome you can use the company’s Advanced Search function to narrow your results down by Publisher, Publishing Year, Price, the location of the book’s seller, and additional potentially important qualities including the book’s edition, if it includes its dust jacket, and if it’s been signed. The thorough nature of AbeBooks’ search function is extremely welcome, especially if you’re looking for a very specific edition of a book for class or if you only want to seek out rare copies of a favorite novel.

Once you place your order the book will be sent to you by the bookseller themselves, which means Abe doesn’t handle fulfillment from any sort of central location. This is a good and bad thing. On the one hand if they handled all shipping you’d be able to hold the company personally accountable if there’s an error with your order, but on the other hand it’s nice to be able to only order from favorite booksellers or to only order books from booksellers who are local or otherwise near to you (especially if you require the book in short order).

While they don’t personally handle fulfillment they do ensure the quality of the book you receive will match the quality listed on the site and the company does handle the details on their 30-day satisfaction guarantee on any book purchased, and the fact all orders are made through the AbeBooks website provides you with a paper trail and a secure checkout process.

What Sort of Books Does AbeBooks Offer?

Because the seller represents thousands of different booksellers you will find access to millions of different books on their site. And because these booksellers are all independent agents, you’ll be able to find a very wide variety of different types of books on AbeBooks.

At AbeBooks you’ll be able to find:

  • Signed Books
  • Rare Books
  • Books with Free Shipping
  • Large Print Books
  • Audio Books
  • First Edition Books
  • Limited & Special Edition Books
  • Bestsellers
  • Textbooks

Now, it is important to note that AbeBooks is not primarily a textbook seller. Are there plenty of textbooks at AbeBooks? Absolutely. Can you use AbeBooks’ sharply defined search algorithms to help you find the exact editions and printings of the specifically-defined textbooks you need for school? Sure thing. But that doesn’t mean AbeBooks is primarily a textbook seller. If you’re a college student on the market to purchase your textbooks you’ll probably find most, if not all, of what you’re looking for from AbeBooks. But when it comes down to it there are other online bookselling websites out there who focus far tighter on the textbook market and, as such, serve students better than AbeBooks and are probably better bets for getting the books you need cheaply, especially if you’re open to the idea of renting textbooks for the semester instead of buying them outright. While yes, AbeBooks does offer textbook rentals, you’re still better off using a dedicated rental site instead (unless you already have an account with AbeBooks and regularly use them).

That being said, the variety of subjects covered by books you can buy. In other words- if you’re looking for it, you’re likely to find it at AbeBooks.

Does AbeBooks Offer Discounted Products?

How much you spend at AbeBooks will vary wildly depending on what, exactly, you’re purchasing from them. Specifically- you can spend a whole lot at AbeBooks if you’re looking to purchase rare, first edition or otherwise hard-to-find volumes of books. While you can find some rare and first edition collector’s item books for about 30 bucks, overall if you’re looking to pick up something special from one of the site’s independent booksellers you’re going to have to shell out a few hundred dollars, with the average rare book ringing up between $200-$300. This is a lot of money for just one book but remember these prices only apply to hard-to-find volumes that are only of real interest to collectors ready, willing and able to shell out that sort of money.

The average person shopping will find much more manageable prices among the site’s stacks and stacks of discounted books. Most books you’ll find are only going to set you back a couple of dollars, and many of these books will ship for free. In this way shopping isn’t likely to cost any more than shopping at any other independent second-hand neighborhood bookseller, and any additional money you spend will be small and worthwhile considering the added convenience of being able to browse these collections online and have your purchases shipped right to your door, rather than having to thumb through the often poorly organized shelves you’ll encounter at the sort of store Abe represents.

Should you Shop at AbeBooks?

This depends a lot on the sort of books you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for textbooks then you probably should shop from a dedicated second-hand textbook shop or rental service. The brand likely stocks all the textbooks you’re looking for and their Advanced Search function makes it easy to find the specific edition you’re looking for, but overall there are other sites out there that are more tightly focused on second-hand textbook sales and as such better serve that market. Likewise they have a rental service but it isn’t as flexible or robust as services offered by tightly focused textbook rental companies. As an overall verdict on this subject- AbeBooks can meet your textbook needs but the site probably won’t meet them as well as others and should probably only be checked out if you can’t find what you’re looking for elsewhere.

This last point gets to the biggest advantage offered, and that’s the fact this company is one of the best booksellers to check out when you’re looking for rare or hard-to-find books. The fact the company is little more than a hub for connecting with independent bookstores and their eclectic and often carefully curated selections means AbeBooks provides easy access to a truly varied product line you aren’t likely to find anywhere else. The big second-hand textbook purchase and rental companies tend to narrow their product lines down to those books they know are going to sell… ie: the sort of textbooks you’ll find in a standard college curriculum. Textbook purchase and rental sites rarely stray to the obscure even though many professors require very particular books for their classes, which means even though it probably shouldn’t be your first stop if you’re a student, it still provides plenty of value. And this value is magnified manifold if you’re simply a book lover looking for a fast, convenient and affordable way to build up your personal library.

Overall it’s a very good second-hand bookseller that offers a unique service compared to its largest competitors, and as such offers an important resource for anyone in need of that perfect book.

How to Use an Abebooks Promo Codes

To get the maximum benefits out of your Abebooks promo coupon code, you must identify it first, and understand how to use it. Typically, you will want to write it down for easy access when checking out.

Step 1 – Click on the coupon code

Once you have identified the coupon, click on it and it will direct you to the company’s homepage. Here you will find a search portal where you can input the name of the author, subject, title or even the ISBN, and then click find book.

Step 2 – Apply filters

Once you land on this page, you will need to apply more filters in order to find the appropriate book, for instance, new or used, hard or soft cover, edition, location, and ratings.

Step 3 – Add to basket

Go ahead and add the book to your basket. You will find the purchase cost as well as the shipping fees included against the book.

Step 4 – Apply coupon code

Once you add the book to your basket, you will have the opportunity to continue shopping for more books or check out. Key in the coupon code in the box provided, and click update and your shopping cart will update itself automatically, reducing the overall cost.

After this, click ‘Proceed to check out’ whereby you will create a new account if you do not have one, or sign in with your credentials if you already have an account.

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