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Bookbyte has been operating for 12 years in the online business of buying, selling and renting textbooks. The company is committed to helping students and instructors save money on textbooks with low prices and great customer service. A hardworking staff makes sure orders are filled accurately and quickly and then shipped, often within 24 hours. The company also takes pride in offering users some of the highest buyback prices available in the textbook industry. For these reasons and many more, they have established itself as a trusted online textbook dealer. Before we go deeper into detail let's first check out the current Bookbyte coupon that can be found along with how to use deals on the site.

Special Offers and Coupon Codes for Bookbyte

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Step 1: Find the area on the checkout screen where you can apply your code.

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A Review of Bookbyte

While some people may argue that the use of physical textbooks is becoming increasingly obsolete in the realm of education, there are many reasons that this claim is simply not true. While some students prefer to use electronic devices in classrooms, the reality is that not all students can afford expensive computers. Libraries and computer centers at all colleges are regularly packed for a reason; students need access to computers and the internet through their colleges. Also, many of those who are fortunate enough to own them in the first place maxy elect to keep them safe at home instead of carrying them around and risking damaging them. It is simply not pragmatic to carry around a large and expensive computer from class to class; damages can end up costing them and their families hundreds of dollars in repair or replacement.

Another important factor to consider is that not all professors are on board with the idea of a digital revolution that involves students regularly using electronic devices in their classes. It is proven that people tend to waste a lot of time online and this is very likely to hold true for students while they are sitting in classrooms and lecture halls. Many professors are banning electronic devices from their classrooms because they are finding that many students are easily distracted and spending their time on the internet with non-class-related activities instead of focusing on the material at hand. Because of these legitimate concerns, many professors are making it mandatory for students to use and bring physical copies of books to class so that the material is easily accessible right in front of them and the distraction of the internet is no longer a factor. Requiring specific textbooks also makes it easier for professors to facilitate, as they can reference specific page numbers and sections, assured that every student has the same copy of the text in front of them.

Buy, Sell or Rent Textbooks with Ease


Bookbyte is unique in that it offers users the flexibility to buy, sell or rent textbooks depending on their specific needs. These options are important for college students as there are some textbooks, perhaps related to their major field of study or of great interest to them, that are worth holding onto for future reference, whereas there are others that they will only use for one semester.

Bookbyte offers users convenience and ease along with some helpful benefits when it comes to making transactions on their website. Users can navigate the well-organized website to find all the textbooks they are looking for, and add them to their virtual cart as they go along. Once they have reviewed the details of each item in their cart and decide to buy, they can complete the purchase by simply entering their payment and contact information, thus making it possible for students to complete their book shopping for the semester in one easy transaction. Plus, the company also offers free shipping on orders of $49 or more, which saves users a lot of money as heavy textbooks normally ship with high costs.

Customer-Friendly Incentives and Policies

Bookbyte is not the only online textbook dealer in the industry, so the company offers multiple customer-friendly incentives and policies that give customers a reason to shop with them. First, the company offers a 14-day return policy for any reason at all. This comes in handy when students end up switching in and out of different classes at the beginning of a semester. Next, Bookbyte offers users an opportunity to earn money for referring friends to the website.


When it comes to selling textbooks back, the company provides a number of useful and time saving opportunities. Sellers can obtain an instant online quote for the items they wish to sell. Also, Bookbyte pays for shipping, which can be quite expensive, especially when it comes to hardcover textbooks. The company also normally issues payment for the seller's items within one business day of processing them. These are a few of the many perks that Bookbyte users enjoy and share.

Social Missions: Helping Locally and Globally

Beyond offering great customer service and deals for users, Bookbyte has also demonstrated its commitment to social justice both on the local and global level. The company has been helping students in need around the world for years by working with a local chapter of Rotary International, a service club that aims to bring business and professional leaders together in the aim to help people in need around the world. According to their Twitter and through this effort, Bookbyte has been able to distribute books to students in need free of charge. It is estimated that the books that the company has donated to countries such as Thailand, Belize and Uganda will end up reaching up to 25 students each. The company also helps provide experts to ensure storage, transport and evaluation of textbooks at no charge.

Bookbyte Saves Students Money with Many Additional Benefits

Students have plenty of reasons to use Bookbyte for all of their textbook needs. In addition to saving money with a Bookbyte promo code, students also benefit from the many incentives offered here and there that add up in the end, such as free shipping for orders over $49 and cash incentives for referring friends to Bookbyte. Customers can also take pride in the fact that Bookbyte is committed to doing its part for communities in need through donation of books to students in other parts of the world.