Carbonite Offer Code and Coupon Deals

Now it's obvious the reason you would want a service like Carbonite backing up your data but what you might not know is how much a coupon code or discount can help you. That’s what we’re here for, consider us your backup solution for saving money. Of course there are several options to choose from when it comes to automating backups but obviously Carbonite has stood out among the pack. For this reason they have always been our go-to solution even for our computers at the BrokeScholar offices. Now let us present to you the most updated and current list of Carbonite offer code and deals around. they have changedup their layout quite a bit over the years but just look for the “offer code” box when you’re about to signup for your plan. It’s really that simple, then browse our list of codes and make sure you apply the best deal. From there you’ll know you’ve paid the least amount possible for you plan.

It is funny how people never seem to worry about digital security until something bad happens. Here is the scenario: Waking up one morning, Bob discovers that his laptop is not where he thought it was. He looks high and low with no success. Suddenly he realizes that he left his laptop on the bus as he was coming home from work. Immediately he starts to think of the pictures of his family, his files for work, and all the other important documents on his PC that are now lost. Bob would not have that worry if he had backed up his files with Carbonite, one of the most trusted companies when it comes to online file backup technology. This review will answer the question of why millions of people and countless companies have put their trust in this company for more than six years running.

A brief history of Carbonite

The name Carbonite originated from the substance featured in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, which was used to freeze the character Han Solo. The purple color in the companys logo depicts the color of carbon paper. They started out as a product sold by Staples in 2006 when the companys focus was on photography backup storage. They offered a free subscription for six months with every camera purchase. Later that year the young company collaborated with Microsoft to be included with the purchase of Microsofts Money 2007. In 2007, AlwaysOn named Carbonite the top private company of the year.

In 2008, Carbonite collaborated with several other companies, including the likes of Oblex, which brought their storage services to U.S. cable companies, and Lifeboat Distributions, which helped in expanding coverage throughout North America. Later in 2008 and 2009, Carbonite partnered with PC manufactures like Packard Bell, Acer, and Lenovo to have its services preloaded onto their machines.

Today their storage solutions are available for both Windows and Mac systems, and they have restored more than two billion files for its customers. They also provide backup for everything a computer can hold, like emails, video, pictures, computer settings, and music. The company has received numerous awards, including Best Backup Tool for Windows by LifeHacker, Best Company in Boston by Lead411, and the Editors Choice award by NextAdvisor, to name a few.

Ease of installation

They do not have cumbersome hardware installations, cords to hook up, training to take first, or even disks to install. They instead have simple, systematic software that anyone can download and install easily on any system.

Still nervous about doing that? Then let them do the work instead with their valet-install system. This system is available Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 8:00pm Eastern Standard Time. Customers can contact the company by dialing 1-855-227-2249. Using their remote help program, Carbonite can have a customer up and running in 15 minutes or less.

After software installation is complete, the software takes care of everything. Its secure servers then back up all files immediately and continuously to ensure that the most recent files are always ready for restoration. It works constantly in the background, never affecting day-to-day computer operations.


With hacker attacks becoming a constant threat, simply having a firewall and password to protect a computer is not enough anymore. Using the latest encryption technology to secure the customers data from hacker attacks, not only on Carbonite’s servers but also on the customers computer. Besides that, using redundant disk arrays to store the data of its clientele to prevent hackers from gaining access. This also means the customer can gain access to their files even if one disk fails. Storing files on secure servers ensures the protection of customers files from fire, water, storms, or any other damage that can happen to a brick and mortar office.

The company server rooms feature temperature control, uninterrupted power supplies, emergency on-site backup generators with guaranteed fuel, highly restricted personnel access with state-of-the-art biometric scanner technology, pin codes and key card access, and 24-hour, 365-days-a-year onsite security.

Carbonite’s easy file access and convenient storage packages

If something goes wrong with a customers home or office computer, the service makes it simple to recover files 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customers can use any computer on which to restore their data, making this a good choice if the original computer is lost or stolen. If you’re truly curious about the tool then try using a Carbonite coupon code and check out the trial. All a customer has to do is log into their account, click Restore, and begin a systematic procedure to restore their files. If a customer accidentally erases a file on their computer, it remains on their servers for 30 days, allowing customers to retrieve the file if needed.

If a customer downloads the mobile app, they can gain access to their files on any mobile device and even share files with other people with the same access codes. If a customer is without Internet access, Carbonite offers a courier service that can deliver a copy of the lost files to the customer.

Storage packages are available to fit everyone, from individuals to big companies. Also offering multi-year, nonprofit, and educational discounts with additional data storage packages available for purchase anytime the customer needs more space. With the flat rate yearly fee, customers do not have to worry about the per-computer charges that other data storage companies may have. This way, pricing is kept very simple and very low.

Clearly, people around the world trust Carbonite with their most sensitive information, and with good reason. From big business to the individual customer, they treat every customer as if he or she were their only customers while also providing service not found in many of today’s big companies. For a company starting out as a product on the shelf of a Staples store, becoming a leader in the online data backup industry is truly amazing. Giving their customers three ways to contact them”by phone, by email, and by live chat “separates themselves from the other industry giants. It will be very interesting to watch this company grow and evolve as the months and years pass by.