Chegg E Reader Review

As one of the biggest online retailers for textbooks, Chegg definitely has some serious standing in the industry. The company has been working hard to develop new features and services for its audience, and has finally joined the e-reader market with their very own Chegg e-Reader that is based in HTML5 and offers a unique browser-supported format so that it can be used on a multitude of devices and accessed from anywhere that has an internet browser. There is plenty of information out there about this new tool, but it can be hard to gather the facts and come up with an accurate assessment regarding its effectiveness and capabilities. This review will help users to better understand the Chegg e-Reader and what it has to offer, as well as how it stacks up to the competition. The Application: An Introduction After users take a few minutes to set up their accounts on, they are given the option to buy hard copies of their text books, or to rent a hard copy or an e-book version of the text. The company even provides last-minute shoppers with a free 7-day rental of the e-book while they wait for the arrival of the physical book. The application is built with the HTML 5 foundation, which offers many benefits over traditional HTML that only programmers and behind-the-scenes workers would understand. For the average user, the perk is that you don't need an app or specific browser or device to access the e-reader. HTML 5 displays in any browser, on any device. All it needs is an internet connection, which gives students easy and convenient access to their virtual textbooks when they need them. Chegg's e-reader only works with an internet connection, and limits users to 14-day rentals, which seems to be about average for this market. Keep reading to learn more about the application, the good and bad, and why it is such a popular choice. The Features: Pros and Cons The Chegg e-reader has a lot of useful features, including its accessibility. Other features such as zoom, where users can pick font size with an actual button rather than a sliding bar, are very visual and make sure that you can't accidentally hit something. Chegg's note-taker is the "sticky note" style, and when you make notes, they are kept with the pages that you were reading at the time. Bookmarks are easy to make and to find, and the comfortable, average interface is what keeps a lot of people coming back for more. Of course, many users have an issue with the internet-only access. This can be limiting in some situations, but in today's always-on society, it isn't as big of a deal as it used to be. There are also people who note the lack of flashy, dynamic features in this e-reader, but that's precisely the point if you ask Chegg. It's not about which program has the most flashy, sparkly features. It's about which program gets the job done and provides you with a useful tool, and their e-reader does that very well. Many consumers appreciate the dynamic search tool, which allows users to get much more out of their searches and never lose track of pages while giving them access to a comprehensive search. When you're checking out just notice the box that allows you to add your abebooks promo code and apply a deal. There are many benefits to this e-reader if you're looking for a basic tool that gets the job done. A Solid Foundation Goes Far The reason that people like Chegg's e-reader is because they like Chegg. They've worked with the company in other capacities and they know what the brand is capable of. From textbooks to homework help, this website has a lot to offer. The e-reader seems to be just the next natural transition in their operations to make sure that they can keep up with their audience and the needs that students have in today's world. has a lot of useful features and tools for students. Their e-reader isn't going to get people excited or show off the latest features and tricks. It's just going to give students an alternative so that they have another way to access their textbooks that is more convenient and affordable. While other programs are trying to outshine each other with rich features and unnecessary add-ons, Chegg just made a functional e-reader that gets the job done. That's likely what sets it apart and gives it such a solid foundation in the e-reader market today.