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There you are staring at your broken once beautiful iphone, most of us have been there... If you're researching Otterbox then you understand the value of a quality case to protest your device. They are the leading company for cell phone covers for a number of brands, including Nokia, Apple, HTC and Samsung. The cases help to protect your mobile device from scratches and dings, and prevent the screen from cracking. If you drop your phone when it's covered in an Otterbox case, it will remain intact, which will save you the trouble and hassle of having to get a new mobile device. They even has cases for your Kindle and Blackberry. Here are some of the reasons they have you covered when it comes to protecting your cell phone.

How to Use Coupons and Discount Offers for Otterbox


There are a number of websites on the Internet that will save you a considerable amount of money, in addition to the reasonable prices already you can get directly. For instance, you can use an Otterbox coupon and get free shipping. There are also several discounts for phone cases and iPads you just need to try every code you can find.

Don't forget to check the Otterbox website often for more detailed information on their quality products, and to see detailed photos of the attractive mobile device covers.

About Otterbox

The company, founded in 1998 and located in Fort Collins, Colorado, is known for its innovative cellphone protection and works with several distributors and characters.

Otterbox was built on the principles of creativity, endurance and honest, hard work. The company's products are specially designed for those who are a little clumsy or careless when it comes to their cellphones. And the staff are able to create protective products so well because they know from experience that keeping a cellphone looking like new can definitely be a challenge.

Curt Richardson is the founder, and has worked intently to develop phone protection product lines that include waterproof boxes into four main varieties of cases specific to a number of devices modeled in the most modern technology. Otterbox got its name from the waterproof quality of the fur of an otter; Richardson and his wife came up with the catchy name for the company.

The staff is fun and creative, and enjoys working hard just as much as playing hard. The company has its own warehouse, as well, so you can be sure that the products have been thoroughly tested by the team. And since Fort Collins is known for its abundance of outdoor activities like hiking and camping, it's easy for the company to experiment with the strength of cellphone cases in a number of environments.

They are committed to listening to feedback from customers, and attributes the progress of the business to the incorporation of consumer suggestions. The same goes for how generous the company is offering Otterbox promo codes and other special offers like free shipping. This goes to show that the company doesn't just rely on one or two individuals to drive the business -- it's truly a team effort.

Phone Cases and Other Products

iphone case from otterbox

Otterbox creates a number of cases for the Amazon Kindle, including the Kindle Fire case, the Fire HD 7 case and Fire HD 8.9 case. The Kindle Fire case is available in both black and gray with a burgundy border, and the 7 and 8.9 cases are available in black.

Cases for Apple products are available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod, including iPhone cases for the 3G and 3S models, the 4, 4S, 5, and iPhone 6 varieties. The cases have a black or gray durable covering, with center accents in bright hues like green and pink. These cases can protect your phone in the toughest of weather conditions.

There are also many series of phone cases offered. For instance, the Armor series is known for keeping your phone protected from water damage. The phone can even be in 6.6 feet of water for 30 minutes without being damaged! The Armor series also protects your phone against 10ft drops, and won't allow any debris or dust to enter your phone and cause functionality issues.

The Commuter series provides two layers of cellphone protection. There's a port cover to keep out dust, and a screen protector that is self-adhesive to keep the screen from getting scratched. The material of the phone case lets it slide in and out of your pocket with ease.

The Reflex style of phone cover is a two-piece case that is lightweight and keeps the phone safe from bumps and shocks. This series of cases also includes screen covers that are self-adhesive to keep finger smudges, cracks and breaks. The shape of the phone case also makes it easy to dock your phone for charging.

Shipping, Ordering and Customer Service

When you order a phone case, you'll have a number of shipping options to ensure you receive your product on time. Also check on their Facebook for any shipping promotions that might be running. For instance, if you use FedEx SmartPost, you'll get your case in five to 10 business days. FedEx Ground gets the case to you in three to five business days, and the two-day service from FedEx is of course very reliable as well.

Otterbox also offers a warranty for the products you order from the website. You'll receive a one-year warranty that offers protection against defects; the policy takes effect the day you make your purchase.

If you find that your order isn't processing, it could be due to a mistake in the billing address, or the SSC number for the order could be incorrect or missing. When paying with a credit card, don't forget to include the three-digit verification number listed on the back of the card on the signature panel. For American Express cards, the verification number is on the front of the card, and has four digits.

While Otterbox keeps their website updated to let you know when new products are available for your device, the company is not able to release exact dates and timelines for products, so you'll have to keep checking the site for updates. Besides, chances are you're going to find new phone cases that you're interested in that you can easily order.