The Best Sources for Cheap Textbooks to Rent

Renting textbooks is an option that allows college students to save a lot of money. Many students realize that textbooks are very expensive shortly before they start college and wonder where to turn to. Sometimes it is hard to find inexpensive used copies, and these are often unavailable when a course calls for a recently released textbook. Textbook rentals fill a very real need for struggling college students by allowing them to get textbooks at cheap prices that are returned to the bookstore at the conclusion of the course. Why This is a Major Advantage Renting textbooks is an option that many are unaware of until they visit their college bookstore or the bookstore's website for the first time. When most people find out about this option, they find that it's an excellent alternative to paying high prices for textbooks that might not be covered by their financial aid. The books are in good condition and can be kept out for at least the length of the semester. Look over here at and look through the latest codes. Discounted shipping is offered that allows users to receive their books quickly and usually allows them to return the books at no cost. Textbook Rentals One of the top sources for cheap textbooks to rent is While most already know about the site's excellent fiction and non-fiction selection, many haven't realized just how many textbooks are available. The textbook rentals available offer savings of up to 70 percent off, a very significant saving for most students. All of the books are shipped using the method of the student's choice and they have the entire semester to use them. If necessary, the rental can be extended for up to 15 days for free, or for another semester for a small cost. The return shipping for these textbooks is always free. Chegg Chegg is one of the most well-known names in the textbook industry. It has a reputation for being one of the top new, used and rental textbook providers out there. Many students have saved hundreds of dollars every year they've been in college with this site, firmly establishing Chegg as one of the best options for cheap textbooks to rent. A 21-day Satisfaction Guarantee provides reassurance that the books are the quality that renters expect. Fast shipping through UPS allows students to get their books in two days, perfect for those who are kind of late in finding the books that they need. Chegg is also dedicated to protecting the environment and funds tree-planting programs. This is quickly becoming one of the leading sites for deeply discounted textbook rentals. Another one of the major advantages of using this site is its resource library. Many textbooks, especially those used by business students, employ special supplemental materials. All of these can be easily accessed through the CengageBrain website for more flexibility. Most of the additional tools are offered at the same generous discounts as the textbooks, making it easier for students to access everything in one place. There is also no need to worry about having to keep track of the supplemental materials, because they are all digital. Choosing the Right Company for Cheap Textbooks to Rent Because there are so many companies that provide textbook rentals, most college students will do well to shop around. Even though comparison shopping takes an extra few minutes, it is definitely worth the extra time in the long run. The savings that come with renting textbooks are also worth the effort. After all, the opportunity to save several hundred dollars over the school year is one that should not be missed out on.