Time Management Tips for College Students (with Handy Formula)

As a college student, you are expected to manage your own schedule, attend classes, get your homework done, and not procrastinate or get distracted so much that you can’t meet your academic commitments. Sometimes this is not so easily done. To get a better idea of how you are managing your time currently, use the following formula: Be honest with your numbers, as this formula assesses your time management skills. Number of hours you sleep each night x 7 Number of hours you spend getting ready for your day x 7 Number of hours you spend preparing and eating food per day x 7 Total travel time per day on weekdays x 7 Total travel time on weekends Number of hours per week for regularly scheduled functions (clubs, etc.) Number of hours per day for chores and errands Number of hours of work per week Number of hours of class per week Average number of hours socializing, going out, etc. Add all of the above numbers and subtract from 168 The results from this test show how much time you have allowed yourself to study. If you feel you have not given yourself sufficient time to do well in all of your classes, you may want to reassess the way you manage your time.

Create a Schedule

Managing your time more efficiently may help with a daily planner or schedule. When you write down your daily or weekly commitments, and schedule in study time or time for other necessities, you can better understand which of your daily routines are not necessary. Another benefit is you can visualize any free time you have, either in between classes or during your lunch-break, and use that free time to study while you’re still energized during the day.

Set Achievable Goals

If you have a lot on your plate, set some daily or weekly goals for yourself. Viewing your tasks in smaller and more manageable sets makes achieving them less stressful, and helps you to avoid procrastination. If your daily or weekly goals are still overwhelming, maybe it’s time to think about whether you have committed yourself to too many things- clubs, sports, and other organizations. It’s important to prioritize and understand which of your activities is necessary and which aren’t, as well as which classes require more of your attention.

Learn to Say No

Perhaps the most difficult lesson a college student has to learn is how to say no to invitations to parties and other fun social events. When given the choice between studying for your math test and going to the movies, the latter seems much more appealing. However, studying should be a #1 priority, after all, the movie can wait – your professor will not. The more you practice good time management skills, the more efficient you will become at studying and getting your homework done. If you’re still having trouble, find a campus councilor who can help you set up a rigid time schedule, and who can give you some personalized advice.