Tips for Buying Cheap Books Online in 2016

Searching for cheap or discounted books online does not have to be a challenge. Bargain and discount books abound across the Internet, and relying on Amazon or one of the larger book sellers is not necessary. A wide variety of books, whether new or gently used, are easily found with a patient search of the web. Most companies offer steep discounts on shipping, or ship free to certain locations. Check with the seller on shipping costs; in some cases a purchase over a certain amount results in free shipping. In most cases, expedited shipping costs extra. Book Clearance Sites The type of book often affects the price. For example, finding a discounted textbook for academic purposes requires less searching than more recent books. Deciding on the type of book and knowing the book's purpose are essential in finding discount or bargain books. There are clearance websites that specialize in clearing books of all types, including academic textbooks and books read for pleasure. Generally, newer books are harder to find at steep discounts, and it is usually best to wait four to six months after release to find the best price. Buy Wholesale One option is to completely eliminate the middleman or bookseller and purchase books wholesale from the publisher. Purchasing books in bulk often results in a 30% to 50% discount on each book. The wholesale discount then can be passed to others in need of the book. Students or a group of people may want to share in the cost to purchasing books in bulk and receive the heavy discount. While others may wish to go into business reselling books to customers. Usually a 25-book minimum is required when purchasing books in bulk. How To A way to begin is to search for the title of a book, genre, or author, and the word "discount" or "bargain". This is generally the easiest way to find the lowest price on a book. Another unique thing about Abe is you can attach this Abebooks coupon code and lower the cost of your books eve more. The decision whether to purchase a new or used book is up to the buyer. However, most companies are reputable about selling used books in good condition. A buyer may always inquire about the condition of the book or request a picture via e-mail. Individual booksellers may be willing to provide a discount on the book or shipping if, for example, the buyer is interested in purchasing more than one book. Purchase Direct Books may also be purchased at a discount from the publisher. Establish an account with a publisher to purchase books direct. Some companies offer the ability to track a particular author to receive an alert on when the book will be published, along with the cost and any other fees including shipping. Purchasing direct from the publisher may not be as advantageous as purchasing books from discount or bargain locations. In some cases, the publisher may wish only to sell books in bulk to a book distributor. Take time and savor the search when hunting for book bargains. Search engines are easy to manipulate and use to compare prices when looking for a particular book. Textbooks are usually available at very deep discounts, or the purchaser may want to explore renting textbooks as an option. The temptation may be great to purchase the book as soon as it is found. However, this method usually does not lead to the best price. Choosing to purchase books wholesale may be beneficial to groups, even small ones, such as a book club. Savings can also be made when purchasing more than one book or spending a certain amount to save on shipping, especially when purchasing a number of books.