What is an eTextbook

Textbooks are an expense that every student must bear. However, if you are getting tired of having a backpack full of heavy expensive books, there is a better alternative. When you want to be able to access your required texts without having to have physical books with you, there are electronic versions available. When you have an etextbook, you will be able to study from anywhere because you can put the book on a laptop, tablet or smartphone. What Exactly are Etextbooks? An etextbook is the copy of a textbook that is not printed. The book is available in several forms, allowing you to use it on a variety of devices. You can find versions that can only be accessed when online, such as ones that use the proprietary software from the publishing company. Using electronic textbooks can help you do better in school because you will be able to find the exact content that you need for your schoolwork. Choosing the Right Website to Shop With When you are looking for a textbook, there are several things that you need to keep in mind: - Make sure that you get the right edition - Compare several sources to be able to get the best price - Determine how long you will need the book for - Check whether getting an etextbook will save you money or not Sometimes, you can get an electronic version of your textbook directly from the publisher. However, at times, this may be considerably more expensive. If you want to save the most amount of money, you should shop with a third-party retailer as they often offer lower prices than publishers do. In addition, when looking at etextbooks as a viable alternative to paper versions, you will need to find out if your professor is using the software the publisher provides. See this page here and you'll find a collection of discounts and special offers. If your professor is using said software, then it will most likely come with a copy of the text that incorporates with quizzes, tests and assignments. In turn, this will save you more money. Are Etextbooks Right for You? While you may be familiar with ebooks, many people do not realize that many textbook publishers also have electronic versions of their texts available for purchase or rental. When determining whether etextbooks are the best choice for your needs, you will want to compare prices for the various options. Many publishers have several options available to make getting an electronic textbook more affordable. Finding the Best Textbook Version for Your Class You can find several options for textbooks that will make learning much easier on you: - Renting by the semester - Renting by the quarter - Ownership for life - Access via software specific to the publisher, which allows for easier learning of the content The Benefits of Etextbooks There are several great benefits that come with using etextbooks, aside from the aforementioned ease of use. The biggest benefit to using etextbooks is that they have a search function that will allow you to search for only the material that you need for a research paper or another assignment. Electronic textbooks will also allow you to have the material that you need without having to purchase expensive books for you class. The top reasons for using electronic textbooks include: - Accessing advanced features. When using electronic textbooks, features such as video clips, links to outside sources and background stories can be included to enhance the learning experience. - Having the ability to take notes. Etextbooks will allow you to highlight pertinent information as well to take notes electronically. - Being able to have customized content. While this may be more relevant to professors than students, it can also enable you to get a version of the book that has more of the information that you want to read. The best feature of electronic textbooks is the cost. They are less expensive than buying paper versions and can be regularly updated to be relevant. Are Etextbooks the Best Choice? With so many benefits to using electronic textbooks, trying them out will prove to be a great decision. Whether you want to save money or have an easier time searching for the right information, etextbooks are perfect for every student. The key to getting the right textbook is finding the best source of information to make your search easier to accomplish.